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SSgt Adam Colvin’s Self-Sufficient 2000km

All of Army Cycling wishes SSgt Adam Colvin, RA, a safe and successful ride as he tests himself in the #GBDURO20. The senior Army Cycling road race team rider is currently one of only 15 riders cycling self-sufficient from Land’s End to John O’Groats on road, gravel, singletrack, and everything in between.
Under normal conditions the 2000km route consists of 4 timed stages (~500km each); lowest aggregate time over the 4 stages ‘wins’… nothing. But due to COVID-19 the organisers have dropped the stage format so it now consists of just a single stage.
To enable the event to take place within these COVID-19 restrictions, the organisers have also had to make it self-sufficient, rather than just self-supported. Self-sufficient riding does not permit assistance from others, use of any buildings (commercial or otherwise), or disposal of non-biodegradable waste – the key test here is one of ‘no assistance from others’ if it relies on assistance from others, riders shouldn’t be doing it. This also means that Adam has to carry all his own food and supplies from the start and throughout, including resupplying water from streams and natural water sources – no shops or supermarkets.
Adam is a dedicated and experienced endurance athlete who, with fellow Army rider Steve Williams, recently completed a continuous 24hr indoor Zwift charity ride raising just short of £5000 for the NHS Charities.
All of Adam’s teammates, family and friends will be eagerly tracking his progress and supporting him via his social media.
You can find out more about this event here:
You can also track his progress live here: