Overseas Visits

An Overseas visit is to be encouraged and can be undertaken by an individual or by Unit, Corps and Army teams. Such visits give the opportunity to compete against opposition of a different culture and in many cases train and/or compete in challenging conditions. They can also be used to reward achievement, as a means of developing team spirit and as a pre/post season preparation/finale. An overseas visit can also be used as a recruiting and retention tool. They are fun and for many is a welcome change from the current high level of operational commitments.

In the last 12 months, individuals have competed in Holland, France, Morocco, Antarctica, USA and Egypt. Army, Corps and Unit teams have competed in a range of sports in USA, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Barbados, Canada, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Spain.

An Overseas visit will normally require Authority (ASCB or equivalent), Staff Clearance (chain of command) and Diplomatic Clearance (from host and any transit country). The procedure for organizing a tour/visit is in 2019DIN10-001-OSV-DIN.

The Overseas Application Form is available hereĀ OSV Application Form.

There is also the application form for UK based visits only available here: UK Visit Only.

Sports Visits Flow Diagram

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Army Womens Hockey in Barbados winning the Championships and all their games to date including 5-0 win against the Barbados National Team

Army Rugby Union won the Plate Final in the Annual summer international tournament featuring $10K purse, U.S. Armed Forces Championship, Serevi RugbyTown 7s in California