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Overseas Visits: Update

Resumption of Overseas Sports Visits (OSVs) from 1st August 2021
Sport ABN 050-2021 (Authorisation for the Resumption of Representative Army Sport and Sport Management) issued on 27th May 2021 remains extant. This provides information on how Sport is authorised, signposts policy and guidance, but makes it clear that Sport must be planned and conducted in accordance with the most up to date COVID 19 policy, in addition to NGB guidelines. Overseas Sports Visits (OSVs) can resume from 1 Aug 21 with appropriate risk assessments and adherence to overseas travel restrictions. Commanders must balance sporting aspirations and time away from duty due to quarantine requirements. All organisations must abide by their OPCOM Chain of Command direction.
Please ensure that your sport familiarises themselves with AGAI Vol 1 Chap 5, Part 9 which details the process for applying for an OSV and also 2019DIN10-015 which explains eligibility for grants from the Army Sports Lottery towards the cost of an authorised OSV.