European Masters Games Opening Weekend

The opening weekend of the European Masters Games (EMG) in Turin has already turned out successes in British Army swimming and clay shooting.

During the opening ceremony, Ssgt Musa Audu provided the Athletes Oath. In the 2004 Olympics, Audu won a bronze medal in the 4x400m relay with the Nigerian team.

The following day saw swimming success for Lt Col Katie Hislop (RE) winning 50m freestyle gold in 29.24s. Sgt Zoran Maric (REME) followed with a 50m freestyle bronze with a time of 25.77s. Another 50m freestyle gold came from Cpl Cat Green (Int) with 27.66s. For the swimming team, the day ended, not only with gold in the 800m freestyle, but gold accompanied with a time of 09.58.13 from LCpl Kath Baker (Med), improving on her PB by 18 seconds.

Medals were also awarded to three competitors of clay shooting. In Compak Sporting, gold was awarded to Maj Jason Wright (AGC). From the Clay Target Shooting Olympic Skeet Team, gold was awarded to Capt Rob Vincent (RTR) whilst Capt George Downing (Royal Signals) was awarded bronze.