ASCB Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

V.E. Day by Patricia Denise Newman

It’s over, it’s finished, the war has now been won,

Thank God it’s finally ended; finished; over; done!

we’ll no longer hear the sirens as the bombs come falling down,

no longer hear the aircraft as they fly above the town,

no longer see the searchlights lighting up the darkened sky,

or see the burning buildings of the terraces nearby.

We can hear the people cheering as the bells peal out the news,

and we gather, dancing in the road, dispelling wartime blues.

It’s victory in Europe – oh such a lovely sound,

no bombs, no incendiary fires, no more sleeping underground!

The roads are filled with happy people, celebrating victory,

the lights are on in every town, such a brilliant sight to see,

there’s bonfires and fireworks, a colourful display,

we’ll sing and dance and drink with cheer until night turns to day.

We’ll not forget the sacrifices made by others in our name,

they gave their lives so we might live in freedom’s sweet domain.

Their fighting now is ended, rejoice in victory,

England and her allies will remain forever free.