Army Elite Athlete Briefing Day: 29th September 2020

The Army Elite Athlete Briefing Day is normally an occasion where athletes, unit representatives and guests gather in Fox Lines, Aldershot to learn more about the Army Elite Sport Programme (AESP) and the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).  This year it wasn’t possible to have the briefing day ‘live’ due to COVID 19 so it was delivered virtually via Zoom.

In all, over the two meetings organised for the day, 88 athletes, speakers and guests attended and received presentations from the Director ASCB Major General Shaun Burley, COS ASCB Lt Col (Retd) Paul Leighton, ASL Manager Lee Dyson, TASS Co-ordinator Luke Allen, Sport Psychologist Jo Davies and myself as the AESP Manager.  The presentations can be found at the links below.  Additionally, there are a number of documents that should be accessed by all athletes:

  • Athlete Covenant (download and sign – all athletes and return to AESP Manager)
  • Media documents including media consent form (download and sign – all athletes and return to Claire Simpson).
  • AESP VMOST – a description of the Army Elite Sport Programme and its objectives.

The Director ASCB would like to thank all those who attended and particularly the speakers for their contributions on the day.

~ Lt Col (Retd) Tom Scarr, AESP Manager