The Army Elite Sport Programme (AESP) was established in 2014 launched using a £1.4m donation from private security company G4S following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The British Army has joined with UK Sport and the English Institute of Sport and respective sporting National Governing Bodies to identify Army athletes who have the potential to finish on the podium at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and beyond.

The Minister for Sport, Helen Grant MP, gave her firm backing to the initiative in wishing it every success. She said “The Army has traditionally been a great source of top sporting talent but the new Army Elite Sport Programme will take this up a level and help unearth more Olympic stars of the future. The chance to represent Team GB at the Tokyo 2020 Games is a fantastic opportunity for our Army personnel and I am sure that this partnership between UK Sport, the English Institute of Sport and the British Army will be a great success”.

The AESP strategic partnerships with UK Sport offers exciting opportunities which could potentially open pathways that were previously unavailable for the identification and development of the Army’s most talented athletes. Investment will be specifically targeted to those sports where there is evidence of existing gaps in GB Olympic and WCD programmes – particularly in areas where the Army has the potential and track record to deliver high performance athletes via a range of Talent Identification (TID), Talent Transfer (TT) and Talent Confirmation (TC) campaigns and strategic partnerships.

Tier 1: These are athletes that have been identified by their sport’s National Governing Body as having the ability to achieve podium status at the Olympic or Commonwealth Games. As such, they have been selected to sit on the REM to enable their full time training with their NGB.

Tier 2: These athletes have been identified by their NGB as having the potential to achieve podium status in their sport but require further time to develop. Tier 2 athletes would normally therefore be considered for the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

Tier 3: This incorporates those athletes on a professional contract with a civilian club or association and those athletes who are on the BAe Scholarship Scheme.


Army Shooting (Clay Target) Team Selection 2020/21

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Congratulations to all the personnel who have met the selection criteria for their specific disciplines!! On top of the team selection the British Army Shooting Team have also had four…

Athletes selected for TASS 2020

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TASS is an initiative that receives support and some funding from Sport England with the following mission: "A world-leading partnership between education and sport to help talented athletes in England…

Army Sport Scholarship Scheme 2020 Results

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Thank you for your nominations for the Army Sport Scholarship Scheme which represents Tier 3 of the Army Elite Athlete Programme. The Selection Board sat on Wednesday 1 July 2020;…

Next AESP ReM Board scheduled for October 2020

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The next AESP ReM Board will take place on 27th October 2020.  Attached is the AESP ReM Application Form (version 3 dated Nov 19) which should be used for all…


2020 Events

  • Thursday 12th March: ReM Board meeting
  • Tuesday 28th April: AESP Project Board meeting
  • Tuesday 30th June: TASS Selection Board
  • Tuesday 29th September: Elite Athlete Briefing Day
  • Thursday 22nd October: AESP Project Board meeting


2020 Courses:

  • Wednesday 25th March: i3Gen Social Media one day training course.