Results now available for Army Athletics Virtual Race Series, May 2020

Results are now available for the Inter Corps 5km virtual competition which saw 1000 particpants:

Senior Women
1st: Faith Taylor, AMS, 17.52
2nd: Rebecca Hannah, AAC, 18.03
3rd: Rhiannon Kirk, AMS, 18.35
Senior Women Teams
1st: AMS, 74.23
2nd: AAC, 78.35
3rd: RLC, 79.17
Senior Men
1st: Dean Williamson, REME, 15.03
2nd: Rob Davies, RAPTC, 15.11
3rd: Paul Molyneux, AMS, 15.18
Senior Men Teams
1st: REME, 95.09
2nd: RAPTC, 97.05
3rd: RA, 98.44
Masters Women
1st: Samantha Hogan- Henry, RLC, 18.57
2nd: Debbie Whiston, RLC, 19.07
3rd: Sharon Boreham, Army Vets, 19.14
Masters Men
1st: Micky Coombe, RAPTC, 15.43
2nd: Jonathon Walton, RAPTC, 16.20
3rd: David Branfoot, AGC, 17.04
Masters Women Team
1st: RLC, 79.17
2nd: AMS, 81.29
3rd: RAPTC, 82.18
Master Men’s Team
1st: REME, 73.16
2nd: AGC, 74.09
3rd: Royal Signals, 74.23
Super Masters Women
1st: Fiona Gordon, RLC, 20.57
2nd: Sarah Bennetts, AMS, 21.27
3rd: Kath Brown, RE, 21.54
Super Masters Women’s Team
1st: RLC, 97.21
2nd: AGC, 98.19
3rd: AMS, 124.33*
* Penalty of 48.17 per missing member of team (only 2 took part)
Super Master Men
1st: Jonathon Walton, RA, 16.20
2nd: Calvin Routledge, AGC, 18.07
3rd: Carl Tucker, Royal Signals, 18.38
Super Masters Men’s Team
1st: RE, 81.17
2nd: RLC, 85.45
3rd: Royal Signals, 86.16
Under 23 Women
1st: Rhiannon Kirk, AMS, 18.35
2nd: Cara Leane Farley, UOTC, 20.08
3rd: Lauren Dennison, Royal Signals, 20.09
Under 23 Men
1st: Joe Doleman, AAC, 17.15
2nd: William Hayward, UOTC, 17.22
3rd: Daniel Crow, Royal Signals, 18.06
Results for the Inter Services virtual race now available.


Women’s Masters
1st: Samantha Hogan-Henry, Army, 18.57
2nd: Debbie Whiston, Army, 19.07
3rd: Victoria Rae, Army, 19.16
Men’s Masters
1st: Matt Blunden, RAF, 15.43
2nd: Micky Coombes, Army, 16.20
3rd: Jonathon Walton, Army 16.27
Master Women’s Team
1st: Army, 117.07
2nd: RAF, 165.4
3rd: Navy, only 2 scorers
Men’s Masters Team
1st: Army, 102.09
2nd: Navy, 107.5
3rd: RAF, 122.03
Senior Women’s Individual
1st: Cloe Richardson, RAF, 17.04
2nd: Faith Taylor, Army, 17.52
3rd: Rebecca Hanna, Army, 18.03
Senior Women’s Team
1st: Army, 111.31
2nd: RAF, 114.42
3rd: Navy, 123.59
Senior Men’s Individual
1st: Simon Birch, RAF, 14.34
2nd: Michael Kallenberg, RAF, 14.44
3rd: Danny Rock, RAF, 14.56
Senior Men’s Team
1st: Army, 92.02
2nd: RAF, 93.32
3rd: Navy, 96.38
Under 23’s Men
1st: Joe Palmer, Navy, 16.00
Under 23’s Women
1st: Rhiannon Kirk, Army, 18.35

The events in May will be:

  • Inter Corps 5km – Open from 28 Apr 20 – 31 May 20 (Online link open now)
  • Inter Unit 1 mile – Open from 1 May 20 – 31 May 20 (Online link open now)

All results need to be uploaded by 23.59 on 31 May 2020.

With everyone complying with the Government’s social distancing policies it has been difficult ensuring we are still able to add a competitive edge to peoples attempts to keep fit/race fit. In order to ensure that Army Athletics is able to provide some level of competition, we have embraced the Virtual running world. The attached admin order details what is required and how to enter including the link to the Open Track website.

Results can be included Q3 of the Army Sports Trophy Competition.

More details can be found on the on the Army Athletics Defence Connect page and social media.

Please ensure those who are entering the Inter Unit Virtual 1 Mile road race, when registering you register as part of your Unit and not as part of your Corps as this is an Inter Unit Race and your time will count towards any unit. If your unit is not shown contact the Army Athletics Secretary.

Some athletes sent in photographs of them completing the challenge whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines.