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AESP Tier 2: TASS 2021/22 Selection

The Army Elite Sport Programme has great pleasure in announcing the personnel selected for the Talented Athlete Support Programme for 2021/22.
In total 49 athletes were selected for TASS placements starting in September 2021; the list of successful individuals is below. Unsuccessful candidates were automatically considered for Sports Scholarship Awards (either BAE Scholarships or Army Sports Scholarship Scheme awards) results to follow.
There is a mandatory Briefing/Induction Day for all Army TASS athletes; units with TASS athletes are encouraged to send a unit rep. This year it will be held in Aldershot at the Army School of Physical Training on Tuesday 28th September 2021. Further details will be distributed. As the TASS delivery model is currently being reviewed with some potential changes from the previous delivery programme it is strongly recommended that a unit representative attends this Briefing Day. If COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, then the athlete Briefing/Induction day will be conducted remotely with all successful athletes in order to comply with COVID restrictions. If this is the case, units with athletes selected for TASS will receive a pack containing all relevant information covered at the Briefing to enable support to their athletes.
Army Elite Sport Programme (AESP) Tier 2: Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) Selection Board: Results:

LSgt Deen, Bobsleigh, 1 Gren Gds

Pte Gleeson, Bobsleigh, 3 PARA

Cpl Ellwood, Enduro, 22 Engr Regt

Capt Matthews, Triathlon, HQ AMS

Capt Rowland, Rugby Union, Watch Keeper Force RA

Sgt Gowin, Shooting, 16 Regt RA

LCpl Rowan, Karate, PARA

Maj Hicks, Parachuting, DPHC Middle Wallop

Capt O’Donnell, Rugby Union, JHGSE

Cpl Wiseman, Biathlon, 1 RIFLES

2Lt Bryson, Modern Pentathlon, Exeter UOTC

SSgt Crossley, Wakeboarding, 3 RSME

SSgt Hodgkinson, Athletics, 5 Armd Med Regt

Lt Thomas, Athletics, 47 Regt RA

Lt Col Murray, Cycling, APC

Pte Sprake, Biathlon, 17 Port & Maritime

Lt Webb, Biathlon, 1 RHA

GDSM Thompson, Luge, 1 IG

Cpl Johnston, Karate, 158 Prov Coy

Pte Dawes, Bobsleigh, 2 PARA

Sgt Peters, Weightlifting, HQ AMS

LCpl Mack, Enduro, 243 Prov Coy

Capt Bowman, Modern Pentathlon, 1MWD

Spr Faulkner, Shooting, 3 RSME

Cpl Caswell, Weightlifting, 3 Royal Anglian
Spr Mawhinney Climbing 170 Engr Gp
Pte Bladek Taekwondo AGC
Pte Todd Rugby Union 6 Scots
Sig Kisielewska Boxing 3 Div Sig Regt
SSgt Carnell Shooting 158 Pro Coy
LBdr Mitchell Biathlon 16 Regt RA
Capt Purdy Shooting RSA RA
Cpl Coupland Enduro 9 Regt RLC
Sgt Guba Taekwondo 3rd Regt RHA
Rfn Harris Bobsleigh 1 RIFLES
Cpl Mitchell Shooting 6 Bn REME
Rfn Pittman Shooting 6 RIFLES
SSgt Spence Weightlifting ASPT
Cpl Williamson Athletics 13 AASR
GDSM Howe MA 1 Bn CG
Capt Dew Cycling 243 Fd Hosp
Cpl Dean Weightlifting 23 Para Engr Regt
LCpl Brown Boxing 1 R WELSH
Lt Davies Weightlifting RTR
Pte Mole Boxing 6 RLC
LCpl Austerfield Boxing 1 RLC
SSgt Parker Weightlifting RAPTC
Cpl Janney Shooting HQ SIB AGC
Cpl Condon Weightlifting 2 Royal Anglian

Another very competitive TASS Selection Board was held on Tuesday 6th July 2021 which considered 64 applications from 18 Army sporting disciplines that submitted applications. There were 49 Army athletes selected for TASS starting September 2021. All those selected are required to attend the TASS Briefing Day in Aldershot on Tuesday 28th September 2021. Units are strongly encouraged to send a representative to the Briefing Day.