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WO1 Gareth Wyatt

WO1 Gareth Wyatt has been involved with Army Tug of War for the past 20 years contributing greatly to the sustainment and growth of the sport on several fronts.

After competing in his early career, he moved into coaching and has started a team at every unit he has been assigned to, he first ventured into representative coaching when he was invited to coach the Combined Services Team in 2016. This led to him taking over the coaching and administration of the Army Ladies Team in 2017. That year he also qualified as a National Governing Body (NGB) Judging Official, allowing him to officiate on the civilian circuit and service events.

In addition, WO1 Wyatt, took over the post of treasurer for the Army Tug of War Association (ATOWA) and worked very closely with the Army Secretary to provide the sport within the Army, facilitating competitions and leagues throughout the season which the other services are the envy of, regularly requesting invites to attend.

WO1 Wyatt is an excellent ambassador for Army Tug of War, he was elected as an area representative on the NGB general committee, a post that allows him close access to the NGB and improves our safety and assurance in line with current regulations.

The Army Ladies, under his expert guidance, have achieved great things considering they are dispersed across the country and unable to train together regularly like their civilian counterparts. They have won numerous medals at the English National Championships, most recently a Silver and Bronze at the 2021 event. They have been selected to represent England on two separate occasions and WO1 Wyatt guided them to 2 medals at the UK National Championships in August 2021. The Army Ladies are a well-respected team on the national circuit, displaying the service values and standards to a high level and this is due to the guidance and mentorship of WO1 Wyatt.

A natural choice to take the role of head coach at each Inter-Service Championships, he ensures that the Army take home most of the silverware and remain overall Champions on an annual basis, making him the automatic choice to coach the UKAF team in the Annual Triangular Tournament against the British Police and Civil Service.

Without WO1 Wyatt sacrificing all his spare time to this sport the team would not have had the success they have enjoyed over recent years. The assistance he gives to the secretary also guarantees that the sport continues to be offered to units across the Army in a safe and assured manner.