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Virtual Indoor Rowing Championships

By November 23, 2020 No Comments

This weekend saw Army Rowers take part in the virtual indoor Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships.

Maj Craig Mumby REME placed 1st in both the LM30-39 2000m(6:34) and 500m

Capt Rob Hares AAC placed 2nd in both the LM30-39 2000m(6:39) and 500m

WO1 Michael McNelis Int Corps M40-49 2000m (6:55) and 500m (1:26) Sgt Damien McBride RLC M40-49 2000m (6:47) LCpl Tom McBride RE Male open 2000m (6:36) LCpl Stu Elvin RLC placed 3rd in the M30-39 2000m (6:11).


Also taking place this weekend was the Dorset Virtual Indoor Rowing Championships Andy Kerr (RE) won the PR3 PD 2k event and earnt a personal best in the process too.

Well done to all who took part and to our medallists!