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Update from Assurance Officer

Many thanks for all the excellent efforts in keeping me updated across all your sporting areas. Be it office calls or the myriad sporting events that I have visited as part of Sport Safety Assurance, I really appreciate all of the interactions as I seek to continue to evolve my own `ways of working` into smarter and more efficient space. As I stated in one of my latest updates:

`…DASCB set out the requirement for all sports to be safely delivered at all times and, after various briefings and discussions, at this stage of the assurance reviewing cycle – of the disciplines visited, mentored and advised so far – it is clear that risk in delivering sport is being controlled extremely well and that there is an increasing lucidity on safety procedures and processes. At this mature stage there is growing evidence that the function of `assurance` is being well received across all areas. Awareness levels on the risk in delivering sport is now understood and is being tightly controlled; with greater clarity on safety procedures. Most importantly, when any shortfalls are found there is now a specific point of contact at HQ ASCB to advise and guide as appropriate…` The next few months will see the Assurance Officer:

  • Build on the early relationships within your own structures/disciplines and other agencies (Army Safety Centre , Army Inspectorate and other sS assurance stakeholders)
  • Continue plans to visit the mix of sports (including those who request help and assistance in moving forward or on my priority list) and also `drop in` visits to the more mature sports across all levels of competitions
  • To ensure full compliance across all sports with the recently issued ASCB Directive and that committee structures are both robust enough to support their sport with strength and that they have succession planning in place to endure
  • To continue to evolve the assurance page of the ASCB Website; making it the `go to` for dynamic safety updates and notices

The assurance `norm` is now developing at pace and, as with all such areas, there is a need to review. Attached is the amended version of the Assurance Guidance Note (dated 31 May 19). Please use this amended version if you need to resubmit an amended Self Assessment. I would also like to raise awareness and encourage all of you involved in sport delivery (of any nature and at any level) to become accustomed to ACSO 3216 (The Army`s Safety and Environment Management Systems (SEMS)).

`Operating Safely.  Operate within the Safe System of Work(SSOW)/Safe System of Training (SSOT) whenever possible. When not possible, treat (suitable controls to achieve a ‘safe system’), transfer (elevate) or terminate (cease) the risk. Always ensure supervision is in place and that dynamic risk assessments are conducted if the situation changes. …`(Extract from ACSO 3216)

Meanwhile, your ongoing backing and assistance across this assurance world is greatly valued, and if you want me to visit specific sports fixtures I do rely on a `nudge`; otherwise I will just scan and visit. I wish you continued sporting success in 2019.

20180621-Guidance for the Assurance of Army Representative Sport through Army Sports Associations and Unions- 2019 Version