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Risk Assessment – AF 5010

By August 28, 2019 No Comments

Team Safety,

As many of you are aware, since the release of ACSO 3216 in Apr 19, there has been considerable developments being made by the Army Safety Centre in respect of safety risk management.  This update is produced as an early ‘heads-up’ on the progress to date and in particular, in advance of amendments to ACSO 3216 (Second Revise due Mar 20).

The first important development concerns the production of an Army Form 5010 that replaces both the MoD Form 5010 and 5015.  This form has been produced with the authority of the DSA, indeed the DSA has recognised that having both the 5010 and 5015 (Chapters 8 and 40 in JSP 375) was a source of confusion; it is hoped that the Army Form 5010 may in time, gain wider acceptance i.e. outside of Army TLB.

This can be used to risk assess both generic activities such as those undertaken in the gymnasium, workshops and MT, as well as specific activities such as military training or adventurous training.  Obviously, if used for a generic activity then the risk assessment produced will require periodic review; guidance is included on the form for this.  There is also guidance on the scores arising for likelihood x impact.  This is supported by a process that aims to see levels of risk reduced via controls (such that the risk can be held with the sub-unit / unit) or, in extremis, directing the elevation of the risk up the CoC.  Clearly if raised to the 1* then based on a military necessity to undertake the task, the 1* can direct additional resources be provided.  Otherwise, the matter may require referral to the Operating Duty Holder.  The ‘heat map’ present of the Army Form 5010 and the requirement to develop controls to mitigate the risk, all serve to guide anyone through the process of assessing risk.

You are invited to utilise this form with immediate effect.   Please be advised that the training on the use of the form will be included in the pilot courses of the Army Leadership Development Programme (ALDP) – in particular within the potential NCO package.  ALDP is due to replace Command Leadership and Management training.  The ASCen Risk Assessment TTT package is also in the throes of being updated such that the new form can be taught.

The final important development also concerns training on the use of Army Form 5010.  Later on this Autumn the ASCen will be launching the Army Form 5010 formally with its launch supported by a training video.  Please can you support the role out of this form and assist those requiring to make use of it.