Useful Publications

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ASCO 9001Army Policy For Audit and Inspection (A&I)
JSP 660 Part 1
JSP 660 Part 2
UK Armed Forces Sports Policy - Directive
UK Armed Forces Sports Policy - Guidance
ACSO 3206Army Welfare Funds
AGAI Vol 1 Ch 5Sport
AGAI Vol 3 Chap 111Professionalism Sportsmen and Women in the Army
JSP 462 Ch 7Sponsorship
JSP 462 Part 1: DirectiveFinancial Management and Charging Policy Manual
JSP 765 Part 1: DirectiveArmed Forces Compensation Scheme Statement of Policy
2011DIN01-050Civilian Use of Service PT and Sports Facilities
2011DIN07-018Sport Activities designated as Individual Training/AT
2017DIN10-050ASCB Charitable Fund – Application Procedure
Annex AAnnex B
Berlin Infantry Brigade Memorial Trust Fund
2014DIN01-160Resilience Margin
2018DIN07-081Army Alpine and Nordic Exercises 2019
2019DIN10-025Travel at Public Expense for Army Sport
OSV Summary Guide
Army Overseas Sports Visits
2019DIN10-014Army Sports Lottery
ARA DirectiveArmy Rifle Assoc Policy Directive - Clay Target Shooting
CFA Excessive AlcoholCurbing Excessive Alcohol Consumption In The Field Army
ACSO 2190The Security of Personal and Mission Critical Information
ABN 19/18The Army Brand
AF 510Accident/Incident Report (Formerly MOD form 510)
JSP 375 - Chapter 16JSP 375 - Chapter 16 - Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation
JSP 362 Ch14Encroachments

ACSO 3216
The Organisation and Arrangements for the Management of Safety and Environmental Protection in the Army
ASCO 3235
|ASCO 3235 Annex C Appx 1 | Annex D
Authorisation of Comparable Activities which are not Categorised as Adventurous Training or Sport
ASCB Sports Directive
Annex B Tasks
Annex C Battle Rhythm
Annex D Risk Register
ASCB Sports Directive
Annex A
Sharepoint Link
Army Indoor Tennis Championships 2019
Travel at Public ExpenseUKAF Sports Awards 2019
ASCB Sponsorship DirectiveASCB Sponsorship Directive
Austria Border Crossing Application FormAustria Border Crossing Application Form
2019DIN10-002 Annex A
BAMA - Saxon Express
DIN TemplateDIN Template
2019DIN07-009ARA Target Shooting Courses Jan - Dec 2019
2019DIN07-008 Annex A
Army Rowing Club - Learn to Row Courses 2019
Loughborough Uni Sports VenueSports Tours Alternative Venue Loughborough University
2019DIN10-007Army Squash (AS) Inter-Unit Squash Championships
2019DIN10-002British Army Motorsports event – Saxon Express
2019DIN10-010Army Fencing Championships 2019
2019DIN10-011Regional Command (UK South) Sport Climbing Competition 2019
2019DIN01-020Visits to South Africa
2019DIN10-012Inter-Services Martial Arts Championships 2019
2019DIN10-014Army Inter-Unit Cricket Cup Competition 2019
2019DIN10-017Services Offshore Regatta 2019
2019DIN10-006Basic Gliding Courses 2019
2019DIN10-022Armed Forces Parachute Championship 2019
2019DIN10-022Army Football Association - Affiliation and Cup Competitions
2019DIN10-023British Army Motorsports event – Autumn Leaves 2019
Access Request Workflow
Access Request Procedure
ASCB Subject Access Request Form
2019DIN07-011Joint Information Activities Group (JIAG) Training Provision 2019-2020
2019DIN10-027Inter-Service Judo Championships
2019DIN07-090Army European Winter Activity Instruction 2019/20
2019DIN07-089Army Alpine & Nordic Exercises 2020
2019DIN10-031British Army Motorsports Association event – Mudmaster 2019
2019DIN10-30Exercise Telemark Titan 2020 – The British and Single Services Telemark Championships
2019DIN10-34 Exercise Hard Ride - Army Motorcycle Championships
2019DIN10-35 Exercise Alpine White Lion 2020