Useful Publications

A list of useful publications is also available on ArmyNet

ASCO 9001Army Policy For Audit and Inspection (A&I)
JSP 660 Part 1
JSP 660 Part 2
UK Armed Forces Sports Policy - Directive
UK Armed Forces Sports Policy - Guidance
ACSO 3206Army Welfare Funds
AGAI Vol 1 Ch 5Sport
AGAI Vol 3 Ch 111Professionalism Sportsmen and Women in the Army
ASCB DirectiveSponsorship
JSP 462 Ch 7Sponsorship
JSP 462 Part 1: DirectiveFinancial Management and Charging Policy Manual
JSP 765 Part 1: DirectiveArmed Forces Compensation Scheme Statement of Policy
2011DIN01-050Civilian Use of Service PT and Sports Facilities
2011DIN07-018Sport Activities designated as Individual Training/AT
2017DIN10-050ASCB Charitable Fund – Application Procedure
Annex AAnnex B
Berlin Infantry Brigade Memorial Trust Fund
2014DIN01-160Resilience Margin
2017DIN07-092Army European Winter Activity
2017DIN10-023Travel at Public Expense for Army Sport
Annex A
Army Overseas Sports Visits
2018DIN10-016Army Sports Lottery
2016DIN07-123Army European Winter Activity Instruction
ARA DirectiveArmy Rifle Assoc Policy Directive - Clay Target Shooting
CFA Excessive AlcoholCurbing Excessive Alcohol Consumption In The Field Army
LFSO 3216The Organisation and Arrangements for the Management of Safety and Environmental Protection In Land Forces
ACSO 2190The Security of Personal and Mission Critical Information
ABN 19/18The Army Brand
AF 510Accident/Incident Report (Formerly MOD form 510)
JSP 375 - Chapter 16JSP 375 - Chapter 16 - Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation