Organising Overseas Visits - Quick Guide

For full process see 2019DIN10-001

Tour Purpose:

  1. Reward achievement
  2. Means to develop team spirit
  3. Pre/post season preparation/finale
  4. Recruiting/retention tool
  5. Opportunity to compete against opposition of a different culture
  6. Opportunity to train and compete in challenging conditions
  7. Opportunity to promote defence engagement opportunities


  1. Invitation to tour/visit required from host country sponsor


  1. Staff Clearance from CO or OC
  2. Sports Secretary Authority
  3. Diplomatic Clearance from Defence Attache (DA) of host country
  4. Authority to travel from ASCB – (
  5. Maximum Nos. for Overseas Tours: (link)


Public funds are not admissible for an Overseas Tour/Visit

Possible sources of non public funding include:

  • Individual contributions
  • Unit funds
  • Welfare funds
  • Sponsorship
  • Army Sport Lottery (ASL)
  • Berlin Infantry Brigade Memorial Trust Fund (BIBMTF) (see 2019DIN10-029)

For further information/contacts re funding see funding link on this site

Duty Status:

ASCB authority provides duty status approval as follows:

  • Traveling to and from the authorised overseas destination.
  • Participating as a player or official in authorised fixtures.
  • Traveling to and from such fixtures.
  • Traveling to and from and participating in organized training for such fixtures.



Personal insurance to cover accident and personal liability
Personal Travel insurance to provide cover against flight cancellations, deployment on operations and other expenses

Post Exercise Report (PXR)

A PXR is only required for novel or contentious visits and will be requested during the approvals process if required.