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This week British Bobsleigh & Skeleton Team Deen have been living and training with the Grenadier Guards in Aldershot. LSgt Lamin Deen is now fully focused on 2022 and taking his team to another Olympics, which includes fellow serving paratrooper Pte Olly Butterworth,

The Parachute Regiment.
Through the British Army and the Army Elite Sport programme they have been given the opportunity to take part in a sport they love at the highest level possible, alongside some incredible athletes, many who have competed at a high level in other sports.
Team Directory: Lamin Deen, Olly Butterworth, Joel Fearon, Ben Simons, Toby Olubi, Tremayne Gilling, James Dasaolu and Ryan Letts.
Training and Coaching Team Directory: Steve Smith, Dean Ward and John Herbert.
Best of luck to them for the upcoming winter season РBBSA Competition Calendar. 
Photographs by Army Sport Control Board.