Army Sport Safety Management Plans

A reminder to all Sports Associations and Unions, through Secretaries, that if you have updated or amended your Sport Safety Management Plans (SSMP) for 2019/2020 to ensure that a copy (or link) is sent to the Safety & Assurance Officer at the ASCB.

It remains good practice to review SSMPs on an annual basis – including any risk assessments amendments/updates – and I am aware that this review is a standing detail for most of you at your AGMs.

Also, if your Self-Assessment Assurance Annex A has changed dramatically in the last year then this should also be resent with up-to-date analysis; for some sports there have been substantial changes (improvements) over the last year and it would be beneficial to see this depicted within the self-assessing process.

Any questions relating to this should be directed to the Safety & Assurance Officer if required.  Email Assurance