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Army Sport Scholarship Scheme 2020 Results

Thank you for your nominations for the Army Sport Scholarship Scheme which represents Tier 3 of the Army Elite Athlete Programme. The Selection Board sat on Wednesday 1 July 2020; the Board considered 88 applications from 20 Sports Associations & Unions (there were 67 applications from 20 Sports Associations & Unions in 2019) and, as with last year, the candidates included a number of athletes who were automatically considered for this Scholarship having been unsuccessful in their applications for the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

The Army Sport Scholarship Scheme, which now includes both BAE Scholars and ASCB Sport Scholars, enables DASCB to target funding at our brightest and best young sportsmen and women from all disciplines who aspire to join the Army Elite Sport Programme.

We are using the Army Sport Scholarship Scheme to assist the funding for those younger athletes whom we have identified as future TASS talent at Tier 2 of the Elite Programme.

LCpl Hayden Grand, R SIGS, Alpine Skiing

LBdr Vinny Fountain, RA, Biathlon

Rfn Tom Harris, INF, Bobsleigh

LCpl Jason Joseph, PARA, Bobsleigh

WO2 Zoe Beckett, AMS/RADC, Bobsleigh

Cpl Sarah Karim, AGC RMP, Equitation

Capt Emma Lee-Smith, AAC, Equitation

Cpl Nathan Rahman, R WELSH, Equitation

LCpl Holly Hall, RLC, Equitation

Capt Jack Musgrove, RA, Golf

Fus Lewis Phillips, FUS, Golf

Gdsm Jordan Slater, CG, Golf

SSgt Christopher Bradley, AGC (RMP), Golf

Gdsm Rhian Morgan, WG, Golf

Tpr Bethan Parker, QDG, Golf

Pte Niki Sutton, AGC (SPS), Golf

LCpl Abigail Kennedy, RE, Golf

OCdt Kerenza Bryson, Exeter UOTC, Modern Pentathlon

Capt Alexander Bowman, RAVC, Modern Pentathlon

LCpl Stuart Mack, AGC (RMP), Motorsports

SSgt Douglas Inglis, RLC, Motorsports

Sgt D Tedstone, R SIGS, Motorsports

Sgt Richard Spencer-Fleet, REME, Motorsports

Spr Connor Lewis, RE, Nordic Skiing

LCpl Lee Crudgington, PARA, Skydiving

Cpl Richard Hughes, RE, Skydiving

LCpl Oliver Goss, PARA, Skydiving

LCpl Kathleen Baker, ARANC, Swimming

Pte Katie Laybourn, RLC, Swimming

Pte Sadie Spencer, RLC, Swimming

Pte Amber Paige Johnson, RLC, Swimming

Pte Fern Morrin, RLC, Swimming

Spr Jack Tremain, RE, Swimming

LCpl Alhagie Drammeh, RLC, Athletics

LCpl Roanna Vickers, RAMC, Athletics

SSgt Aaron Woodman, RAPTC, Athletics

Maj Ed Knudsen, REME, Athletics

Capt Faith Taylor, RAMC, Athletics

LCpl Arnold Rogers, INF, Athletics

Cpl Kate Bent, Int , Canoeing

Capt Ed Scanlon, RAMC, Canoeing

Sgt Sulette Klopper, RA, Canoeing

OCdt Kirsty Adam, HCAV, Cycling

Tpr Jack Smy, RAMC, Cycling

Rfn Sam Chatwin, INF, Cycling

Cpl Sarah Hawkes, AGC, Judo

Pte Vladimir Oleinic, INT CORPS, Judo

Spr Anthony Devoy, RE, Judo

Capt Alex Paske, RE, Judo

Cfn Sean Russell, REME, Judo

LCpl Georgina Preston, RAMC, Kayaking

WO2 (SSM) Mick Bennett, RE, Powerlifting

SSgt Greig Murray, RAMC, Powerlifting

Pte Nti Osei, RLC, Powerlifting

WO1 David Heath, AAC, Powerlifting

Spr Michael Bamsey, RE, Shooting

LCpl Dean Molnar, RE, Shooting

Cfn Alex Horton, REME, Shooting

SSgt Billy Millar, AAC, Shooting

Rfn Gary Young, RIFLES, Shooting

SSgt (SSI) Stephen Hughes, RAPTC, Shooting

Capt Sam Miller, RA, Squash

LCpl Toby Newman, INF/ R ANGLIAN, Squash

Cpl Kyle Bruce, INF, Squash

2Lt Joshua Hughes, RLC, Surfing

2Lt Harry Randle, RA, Tennis

Spr Matthew Gregory, RE, Tennis

Capt George Steele, INF, Triathlon

SSgt Nick Drabble, R SIGS, Triathlon

SSgt Andy Syrett, RAPTC, Triathlon

Capt Rosie Wild, RA, Triathlon

SSgt Dale Crossley, RE, Wakeboarding

Capt Charlie Hay, AAC, Wakeboarding