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*RESULTS* Army Inter Unit Virtual 2K Champs (June Race)

The Army Athletics Virtual Road Race Series continues with the Inter Unit Open 2K Race.

Please see link below for Admin Instruction.

Army Inter Unit Virtual 2k Road Race Series

Provisional Results for 2km virtual race held over the month of June:
Senior Female
1st: Rebecca Hannah, 1 AAC, 6.25
2nd: Faith Taylor, HMSR, 6.33
3rd: Jessie Lutwyche, DHSEB, 6.45
3rd: Roanne Vickers, DHSEB, 6.45
Senior Males
1st: Rob Davies, 14 Sigs, 5.32
2nd: Ely Tarus, 6 RLC, 5.38
3rd: Michael Gerrard, ATR(P), 5.48
Open Team Results
1st: 14 Signal Regt
2nd: 6 Regt RLC
Female Masters
1st: Debbie Whiston, 7.31
2nd: Kelley Haniver, HQ RC, 7.37
3rd: Samantha Acunin, 165 PM, 7.42
Male Masters
1st: Ray Hughes, 39 Engr, 5.59
2nd: Michael Elgie, 3 AAC, 6.13
3rd: Ash Allen, JSMTC, 6.22
Mixed Masters Team Results
1st: 39 Engr Regt
2nd: 102 Bn REME
U23 Female
1st: Jessie Lutwyche, DHSEB, 6.45
2nd: Megan Newton- Hague, 3 RLC, 7.31
3rd: Jessie Davies, OUOTC, 8.11
U23 Male
1st: Arjun Moktan, 10QORLR, 6.08
2nd: Harry Gamble, 23 Engr, 6.25
3rd: Sarjan Limbu, 11 Sigs, 6.26
Mixed U23 Team Results
1st: 23 Engr Regt
2nd: BUOTC
Female Senior Masters
1st: Dawn Haynes-Sewell
2nd: Sarah Bennetts
2nd: Tammy Ruvino
Male Senior Masters
1st: Calvin Routledge
2nd: Shaun Goodwin
3rd: Duncan Bell
Mixed Senior Masters Team Results
1st: 102 Bn REME
Age graded Results
1st: Rebecca Hannah, 1 AAC, 8351.00
2nd: Faith Taylor, HMSR, 8200.00
3rd: Roanne Vickers, DHSEB, 8000.00
1st: Rob Davies, 14 Sigs, 8669.00
2nd: Ely Tarus, 6 RLC, 8560.00
3rd: Ray Hughes, 39 Engr, 8410.