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*RESULTS* Army Inter-Unit Virtual 1500m Race July 2020

The provisional results are in for the 1500m Virtual Racing held in July.

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all who took part. There will be a break from racing in August with an Inter Corps 30 Minute Challenge in September

Senior Female:

1st: Rebecca Hannah, 1 AAC

2nd: Roanne Vickers, JHGS

3rd: Lorna MacDonald, JHGN

Senior Males:

1st: Rob Davies, 14 Sigs

2nd: Michael Gerrard, ATR(P)

3rd: Dean Williamson, 13 Regt RLC

Open Team Results:

1st: 13 Regt RLC

2nd: 11 Signal Regt

Female Masters:

1st: Kelley Haniver, 38X

2nd: Susan McNairney, 39 Engr

3rd: Samantha Acunin, 165 PM

Male Masters:

1st: Ray Hughes, 39 Engr

2nd: John Porter, 165 P&M

3rd: Craig Calvert, MCTC

Mixed Masters:

1st: 39 Engr Regt

2nd: 1 RSME

U23 Female:

1st: Adele McDonald, 5 Med Regt

2nd: Lily Devlin, Boxing Team

3rd: Hannah Liqorish, 5 Med Regt

U23 Male:

1st: Josh Wilson, 1 RLC

2nd: Sajan Limbu, 11 Signal Regt

3rd: Bikal Rai, 11 Signal Regt

Mixed U23 Team Results:

1st: 11 Signal Regt

2nd: 1 RSME

Female Senior Masters:

1st: Janet Kelly, MOSG

2nd: Angela Gardener, HQ 8 Engr X

2nd: Maggie Durrant, MOSG

Females Age Graded:

1st: Lorna MacDonald, JHGN

2nd: Eleanor Mallinson, 32 Engr

3rd: Zoe Hague, 5 Med

Male Age Graded:

1st: John Porter, 165 PM

2nd: Ray Hughes, 39 Engr

3rd: Tony Ryder, 102 Bn

Male Senior Masters:

1st: Tony Ryder, 102 Bn REME

2nd: Stuart Langridge, DSA

3rd: Charles Bromley- Gardner

Mixed Senior Masters Team Results:


The Army Virtual Road Race Series continues with the virtual Inter Unit 1500m.

Entries are open from 1 July to 31 July 2020 and must be submitted by 1200 hrs 31 July 2020.

Social distancing guidelines MUST be adhered to at all times.

See the Army Inter Unit Virtual Race Series 1500m Admin Instruction for more information.