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Army Athletics Inter Unit 2km Virtual Road Race Series

Army Athletics has started another virtual series for the month of January. This month’s challenge is an Inter Unit 2km competition with submissions open from 7th January – 1st February. Serving members of the Regular Army (Men & Women), Reserve Forces, and Army Veterans are encouraged to take part.
Individuals must ensure that when they enter, they select their Unit Code. Be aware if you group upload entries for your unit, you will be responsible for entering the results for those individuals. The advice is to ensure that all participants register themselves and then they are responsible for entering their own results. Please ensure you enter a unit name; do not enter as a Corps. The overall (individual only) results will also include retired personnel (veterans) who are to enter using the following code ARMYV Army Veterans.
If your unit is not shown then contact the Army Athletics Secretary who will add your unit to the race list.
Competition Rules:
  • All athletes are to adhere to the Government guidelines and follow the social distancing measures at all time.
  • The race is 2km and you must provide evidence through either Strava or Garmin and include a link when uploading your results to open track – athletes uploading Strava links must ensure their accounts are accessible so elevation and distance can be checked. Failure to provide an accessible link will mean your entry cannot be counted.
  • Each submission must have a total activity time as you cannot stop/start the run.
  • A maximum elevation/decline limit must be set.
  • Efforts completed between 7th January and 1st February 2021 will be counted.
  • All entries must be submitted by 1200hours on 1st February 2021.
  • If using a running track, 5 laps are to be completed instead of following the distance on Garmin.
  • Start and finish must be within 500m of each other.
  • No treadmills.
The final results will be uploaded to Defence Connect and the winners will be announced on this website post and across our social media channels.