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Army Athletics Inter Corps Virtual 30 Minute Challenge 1 – 30 Sept

The Army Athletics Virtual Racing Series continues with the 30 Minute Challenge between 1 -30 September 2020.

Admin Instruction

Updates and results will be posted here and across our social media accounts.

Athletes will have 30 minutes to cover as much distance as possible.

There will be one race in which the following events will be contested:

Inter Corps:

  1. Male Open, Masters, U23 and Super Masters Individual.
  2. Female Open, Masters, U23 and Super Masters Individual.
  3. Inter Corps Open Male and Female Team.
  4. Inter Corps U23 Male and Female Teams.
  5. Inter Corps Masters Male and Female Teams (Male over 40, Female over 35).
  6. Inter Corps Mixed Senior Masters Team (Male over 50, Female over 45).

All entries are to be made via the Opentrack online system. Initially personnel will need to sign up if they have not used Opentrack before or login if they already have a login. All personnel should enter individually via the link.  The race is accessible via the Link  search button by entering Army Inter Unit and pressing the filter button. The following will be displayed:

Inter Corps 30 minute Challenge.

Click to access and then press enter to enter the competition.  Add athlete and confirm you will then need to enter your Corps name or code (See Annex A) in the drop down menu.  Once logged in individuals can upload their results which must include a Strava/Garmin connect embedded link.


The rules for the competition areas shown below and must be adhered to especially the social distancing:

The race is 30 minute Challenge and this must be evidenced by either Strava/Garmin connect embedded link which must be uploaded to open track. Each submission must have total activity time so that people cannot stop start their run, with maximum elevation/decline limit set.  Anyone running for more than 30 minutes is to upload their 30 minute time.

  • Social distancing guidelines MUST be adhered to (run solo, do not travel to your chosen route). Respect Government Guidelines.
  • Efforts completed between 01 Sep and 30 Sep 20 will be counted.
  • Entries must be submitted by 1200 hrs 30 Sep 20.
  • Terrain
    • Running tracks are not to be used for this.
    • Start and finish within 500m of each other.
    • No treadmills.

All timings must be uploaded by 1200hrs on 30th September 2020. The final results will be uploaded to Defence Connect.