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AF 510 Accuracy of Completion

The ASCB Safety Assurance Officer recently visited the Army Incident Notification Cell (AINC) – part of the newly formed Army Safety Centre at Army HQ (with CESO(A) absorbed within) – and the SO2 AINC wished to convey a short reminder about the importance of `510` accident reporting from a sports perspective. This gets a mention on your Self Assessments (the early stages of 1st LoD Assurance from your perspective) and on my Part 2 Visits, but equally important to reinforce from an Army HQ perspective as well. Below is the short summary and I would ask that you just remind and revise across all of your organisers and competitors of the importance of accuracy in completion.

Thank you for taking the time to come to the ASC and discuss and listen to issues we find with the 510s being reported.

• Firstly I would like to say we want to continue to encourage ALL Army personnel to report ALL incidents which occur, no matter how minor.
• Secondly, it is important for the people in the sports world who are reporting to distinguish between activities that are ‘AT’ and the ones that are ‘sport’ . This may seem trivial to them, but it allows a much ‘cleaner’ and informative data set with which to work. This could lead to valuable lessons within the Army Safety space.
• I would also like to convey that we want to build a positive attitude towards incident reporting. It is both beneficial for the individual as well as for the organisation that we get as many incidents as possible reported.
• We would also appreciate if all reports came in excel rather than in PDF format although this is mostly the case.

ACSO 3216 (THE ARMY’S SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – NEW ISSUE APRIL 2019) gives detailed information about other areas of the AINC/DAIB reporting processes – specifically Ch 10 – and I would encourage all of you to take time to read and remind.

Many thanks.