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AAA Road Race Series – Race 9 – Inter-Corps Virtual Half Marathon

Half-Marathon Admin Instruction

During these times of social distancing and the current lack of competition across the Services, Corps and Units, there is a gap that can be filled by virtual racing. Virtual racing allows individuals to compete against each other in a safe way that conforms with the government’s current social distancing guidelines. The next race in the series will be an Inter Corps Half Marathon. The Army Half Marathon Championships are normally held as part of the Fleet Half Marathon in March each year , but due to the current situation has once again been cancelled.

In order to try and in some way fill the gap, Army Athletics has set up a virtual Half Marathon on Opentrack (see details below). The atmosphere for runners will obviously be different but the challenge is still the same and Army Athletics encourages as many people as possible to enter.  This event is open to runners of all abilities who are looking to challenge themselves.


The Half Marathon is open to all serving members of the Regular Army (Men & Women), Reserve Forces and Army Veterans. There will be no separate Reserve forces competition all Reserve forces entries will be entered under the Inter Unit Championships in line with the one Army concept. The overall (individual only) results will also include retired personnel (veterans) who are to enter using the following code ARMYV Army Veterans.

Be aware that when uploading your Strava/Garmin/Google/Apple to the Open Track site you will be uploading your start location.   In order to ensure that service personnel are not giving details of their home location all runners are advised to begin their 1 mile away from their home address.  Guidance would be to warm up without Strava/Garmin on and then begin the Strava at the beginning of your run and ensue that your run does not end at your home location.

In certain circumstances (ie when on Operations) individuals may for security reasons be unable to upload their Starva/Garmin details.  In these instances the race time can be uploaded to Opentrack and the Starva/Garmin link can be forwarded to the AAA to confirm the race time.   All links need to be forwarded to the AAA prior to the end date/time of the race.  Be aware this is an exception and most competitors are to abide by the guidance in para 10.