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Athletes selected for TASS 2020

TASS is an initiative that receives support and some funding from Sport England with the following mission: “A world-leading partnership between education and sport to help talented athletes in England fulfil their potential and balance their sporting development with their education and training.” TASS supports athletes who are currently unfunded by UK Sport and who sit somewhere close to the standard required for entry into Podium/World Class Development programmes.
The Army has established a strong relationship with TASS and selects and funds, through the ASCB, talented Army athletes for placements regionally at universities or in the Aldershot hub to receive TASS support.
1. Sgt Gowin, 16 Regt RA, Shooting
2. SSgt Hodgkinson, 5 Armd Med Regt, Athletics
3. LSgt Deen, 1 Gren Gds, Bobsleigh
4. Pte Binner, 1 PWRR, Cycling
5. Cpl Ellwood, 22 Engr Regt, Motorcycle Enduro
6. LCpl Rowan, Para Regt, MA Karate
7. Gdsm Thompson, 1IG, Luge
8. LCpl Brajshori, 42 Engr Regt, Weightlifting
9. Pte Gleeson, 3 PARA, Bobsleigh
10. LCpl Cox, 3 Regt RLC, Rowing
11. Pte Butterworth, PARA, Bobsleigh
12. LCpl Reid, 6 Regt RLC, Boxing
13. Maj Hicks, DPHC Middle Wallop, Parachuting
14. Cpl Johnston, 158 Pro Coy, MA Karate
15. Rfn Pittman, 6 RIFLES, Shooting
16. Capt Bowman, 1MWD, Modern Pentathlon
17. LCpl Marvin, 1 PWRR, Boxing
18. Sgt Bevan, 1 R WELSH, Cycling
19. Capt Matthews, HQ AMS, Triathlon
20. Spr Kick, 32 Engr Regt, Alpine Skiing
21. LCpl Mack, 243 Prov Coy, Motorcycle Enduro
22. GDSM Moreno, 1 CG, Athletics
23. Spr Mawhinney, 170 Infra Sp, Climbing
24. Capt Hall, RMAS, Athletics
25. Cpl Wiseman, 1 RIFLES, Biathlon
26. LCpl Brown, 1 R WELSH, Boxing
27. SSgt Carnell, 158 Pro Coy, Shooting
28. Sgt Peters, HQ AMS, Weightlifting
29. SSgt Jones, HQ DCLPA, Shooting
30. Capt Purdy, RSA RA, Shooting
31. Cpl Grand, 22 Sig Regt, Alpine Skiing
32. LBdr Greatwood, 5 Regt RA, Biathlon
33. Pte Dawes, 2 PARA, Bobsleigh
34. Cpl Mitchell, 6 Bn REME, Shooting
35. Sgt Guba, 3rd Regt RHA, MA Taekwondo
36. Capt Ellett, 1 RSME Regt, Bobsleigh
37. Pte Mole, 6 RLC, Boxing
38. Cpl Khan, 27 Regt RLC, Boxing
39. Cpl Janney, HQ SIB AGC, Shooting
40. Pte Lutwyche, DSHE, Athletics
41. Pte Condrun, 3 PARA, Boxing
42. Rfn Rumba, 1RGR, MA Taekwondo
43. Capt Smith, 18 AEC, Bobsleigh
44. GDSM Plummer, 1 CG, Boxing
45. LCpl Cann, 3 UK Div Sig Regt, Shooting
46. LCpl Riddell, 6 Regt RLC, Cycling
47. Rfn Driscoll, 3 RIFLES, Boxing
48. Cpl Cropp, 1 RIFLES, Weightlifting
49. Pte Harrison, 1 Regt RLC, Boxing
50. Pte Devlin, 254 Med Regt, Boxing
51. LCpl Austerfield, 1 RLC, Boxing

TASS Briefing/Induction Day – 29th September 2020

There is a mandatory Briefing/Induction Day for all Army TASS athletes; units with TASS athletes are encouraged to send a unit rep.

This year it will be held in Aldershot at the Army School of Physical Training on Tuesday 29th September 2020. The day will commence at 0930 hrs and will be complete by 1600 hrs. As the TASS delivery model is currently being reviewed with some potential changes from the previous delivery programme it is strongly recommended that a unit representative also attends this Briefing Day.

Due to COVID-19 it might be that the briefing is held online. More information as to how the day will be structured will be sent out when it is available.